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In 2005 we packed up only the most essential of all our stuff and moved aboard our boat, hoping to complete the Great Loop before the year's end.
The Great Loop, sometimes called the Great Circle, is a cruising route, primarily on inland waters, around the eastern third of the United States and Canada.  It covers 7000 miles, includes 144 locks, and features ports of call ranging from the frenzied excitement of New York City to the serenity of Canada's North Channel.
For us, 2005 was filled with new discoveries about our boat, our world, ourselves and each other.  We captured some of our discoveries in words and pictures here on our web site, so we could share this wondrous experience with friends and family who couldn't be along with us for the ride. 
After spending a year afloat it was hard to go back to being dirt dwellers.  So, we put our house in Cincinnati up for sale and lived aboard while we searched for a new land base near great cruising waters, with Starsong berthed close at hand, so we could hop aboard and cast off whenever we felt the tide pulling us back out to sea.
We settled at The Landings on Skidaway Island in South Georgia in July 2007.  We are growing roots that cling to our new home ashore, but when the cruising life washes over us, it rips us away from home like a tidal surge, and when it does, we write about our adventures here.

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