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6/2/05                                                      Manasquan River Bank, NJ
140    Brant
6/4/05                                                      Peebles Park -- Waterford, NY
141    Black-capped Chickadee
6/7/05                                                      Past Champlain Lock 2 
142    Great Cormorant -- imm. (new North American sighting--first sighting in Netherlands)
6/8/05                                                      Champlain Canal
143  Baltimore oriole
144  Cliff Swallow
6/11/05                                                   Adirondacks near Westport
(Birding with Cathy and Chappy)
145  Bobolink                   grassy field, on a fence post
6/16/05                                                 Chambly Canal, near Quebec
146  Common Goldeneye (f)
6/18/05                                                 St. Lawrence River, near
                                                              Vercheres, Quebec
147  Bank Swallow           lots of nests, hundreds
6/20/05                                                 St. Lawrence Seaway Canal
148  Anerican Wigeon
6/22/05                                                Ottawa R. north or Montebello,
149  Black tern                                 New North American sighting
                                                             previously seen in Netherlands.
6/27/05                                               Colonel By Is., Big Rideau Lake,
150  Common Merganser -- Mother with with black and white
         chicks riding on her back.
6/28/05                                              Morton Bay, Ontario
151 Whip-poor-will -- heard repeatedly from dusk all through the
6/30/05                                            Rideau Canal
152  House Wren                           Upper Brewers Mill Lock
153  Caspian Tern                         River Styx
7/5/05                                              Healey Falls, Trent-Severn
154  Cedar Waxwing
7/15/05                                           Big Chute, Trent-Severn Wtrwy
155 Eastern Phoebe
7/16/05                                           Penetanguishene, Georgian Bay
156  Rose-breasted Grosbeak

7/22/05       Wye Marsh -- Midland, Ontario
157 Trumpeter Swan
158  Swamp Sparrow
8/2/05         Wilderness Trail, Killarney
159 Bay-breasted Warbler
8/13/05     Drummond Island, MI
160  Black-throated Green Warbler
161  Sharp-shinned Hawk (juv)
9/9/05   Des Plaines River above Ottawa, IL
162  Wild Turkey
10/10/05    Florence, AL  -- park next to Mystic Harbor Marina
163  Brown-headed Nuthatch
11/6/05    Tombigbee River near Aberdeen MS
164  Greater White-fronted Goose
11/12/05  Tombigbee River near Tensas River
165  Broad-winged Hawk
11/19/05  Chocktawatchee Bay near Destin, FL
166  Lesser Scaup
11/23/05  Apalachicola Bay, FL
167  Ruddy Duck
11/30/05  Sandbar near Carrabelle
168  Marbled Godwit
12/04/05  ICW near Sarasota
169  Mottled Duck

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