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This page includes Dick's musings on topics that the Webmaster is incapable of covering.

Rainy Day Maintenance
Boaters sometimes call the engine room the "Holy Place" -- I suppose to show reverence for the engine and other equipment which is so important, but also to reflect the mysterious and sometimes unknowable behaviour of the engines, pumps, coolers, heaters, filters, etc. which live there. 
To stay on the good side of the engine gods it is wise to provide them with sacrificial offerings in the way of 15 quarts of fresh oil every 100 hours of operation -- about every 800 miles at our speeds.  I perform this ritual quite efficiently now that I have had regular practice.
The engines are run for 20 minutes to heat the old oil so it can be pumped out of the engine and into a five gallon bucket using a small electric pump.  Then the bucket is dumped at an approved oil reclaiming site (many marinas offer these), the filter (just like a car's) is changed and 15 quarts of fresh oil are added. 
Repeat the process on the other engine -- that's 30 quarts total -- and you are done.
So far, our engine gods seem satisfied with this homage, and we hope they continue to stay in good humor, as will we.

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