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Our travel journal gives the big picture.  But a lot of the charm of life aboard lies in the daily details.  Here are some questions and answers about the little things that mean a lot to us.
Dateline:  February 24, Ft. Myers

What are you reading?
Gayl:  I just started Maya Angelou's The Heart of a Woman. I traded another book for it at the marina book exchange.  I'm still making my way through last Sunday's New York Times and today's Times, too.
Dick:  Strip Tease by Carl Hiaasen.  We like to read local authors and books that are set in the area where we are cruising.  Carl Hiaasen writes a column for the Miami Herald, and his books take place in Southern Florida.  A salesperson in a Fernandina bookstore said Carl told him that the weird and wacky situations in his books are frequently based on actual events that hit the local news.  
Gayl:  I read Strip Tease while we were cruising in "The Sweetest Town in America." This book features a corrupt politician in the pocket of the sugar industry, and sugar growers who are constantly scheming ways to get around environmental and economic regulation.  After our time in sugar country, it isn't hard to imagine that this fiction is built on some facts.
What is in your CD player?
Actually, we have a DVD player that we use for both CDs and DVDs.  Right now we have a DVD from the Seinfeld Seasons 1&2 set in there.  We are making our way through the shows in chronological order.
The CD we took out to play the DVD was Mary-Chapin Carpenter Come On come On. 

What's for dinner?
Today was the Farmer's Market at Centennial Park, right next to the marina.  We stocked up on fresh local seafood and produce, and it's showing up on the table tonight.  We are having bulldozer tails (a sort of local lobster), sweet corn, green beans, and cheese rolls that are light an airy as Yorkshire pudding. Dessert is Ben and Jerry's ice cream that Dick bought to test of the strength of our freezer.

What boat projects are you working on?
Dick:  I am sanding down and refinishing teak rails and other woodwork.
Gayl:  I am providing auxillary assistance on the teak project.  The ratio of my time spent on teak to Dick's time spent is about 1:50.  Dick forgot to mention some of his other multi-tasking boat projects--I guess because they are troubleshooting, and he would like to block them out of his mind.  In addition to teak work, today he also tested a new marine monitor we wanted to interface with our laptop, and ultimately determined that it would not work.  He also tested a new transducer for our depth finder, and found it did work. (Now he just has to talk to the manufacturer about who pays to have the boat hauled out so the defective one can be replaced.)